Glanmynys Farm Facts

Glanmynys Demonstration Site is a 202-hectare (ha) beef and sheep holding farmed by the farm owner, Carine Kidd, and her share farming partner, Peredur Owen.

The farm supports a flock of 700 Welsh and Aberfield x Welsh ewes, with the majority lambing outdoors between April 1st and May 1st.

Lambs are currently sold to Dunbia.

A herd of 25 suckler cows, mostly Simmental-crosses, calve in the spring and the autumn but numbers will be reduced this summer to grow the sheep and growing cattle enterprises.

Calves are sold direct from the farm or at livestock markets.

The business rears 40 Aberdeen Angus yearlings.

In a new enterprise, 40 five-month-old Aberdeen Angus calves arrived on the farm in June.  They will be reared for 12 months and sold to the Select Livestock and Dovecote Park supply chain.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • To maximise average farm grass covers through measuring and monitoring
  • To ensure ewes are always at the correct body condition score
  • To minimise days to slaughter or target sale weight for cattle and lambs