Why Gwenan would be an effective mentor

  • Welsh speaker Gwenan, who was bought up on a beef and sheep farm, has worked in the agricultural sector for over twenty years. Numerous farmer-facing roles with both Farming Connect, Menter a Busnes, Cwysi, AGORA and Cywain have brought her into direct contract with hundreds of farming families. 
  • Her engaging personality and ability to relate to others working in the sector means she has a very thorough understanding of the industry and she is now looking forward to sharing her considerable knowledge and experience in her role as a Farming Connect mentor. 
  • She has a broad understanding of Welsh Government regulations and rural legislation. 
  • She is also an experienced administrative expert, familiar with most farm paperwork who will be happy to help you with any work related to data collection, benchmarking, carbon footprint measurement and water testing. 
  • In her role as a freelance agri-consultant Gwenan also works with farm businesses throughout Wales to undertake biodiversity assessments and habitat mapping.
  • Often recommended by external agri-organisations, Gwenan also has a number of clients who value her calm and reassuring knowledge of ‘rules and regulations’. She will be happy to help you put your paperwork and documentation in order, especially ahead of facing audits and also help ensure your management systems are compliant with current regulations. 

Current farm business

  • Currently involved in animal welfare and health assessments for a major dairy processing and wholesaler and undertaking technical data for the Soil Association
  • Gwenan is a self-employed agri-consultant who regularly sub-contracts to some of the leading rural consultancies in Wales as well as directly to farm businesses.  
  • A member of 'Consortiwm Gwlad’ (Country Consortium) she has undertaken numerous project reviews for various Wales-based agencies including the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust for Development of Joint Land Management Actions, SMS project review work for Eryri National Park; PONT; Coed Cymru and the North Wales Moorland Partnership CIC.

Qualifications/achievements/ experience

  • Diploma in Countryside Management

  • Over 20 years’ experience of working directly with farmers in Mid Wales in various positions:

  • Cwysi Development Officer for Menter a Busnes (1999-2001);

  • Chief Facilitator of Mid Wales Farming Connect (2001-2004);

  • ICT Mentor in Montgomeryshire (2004-2008);

  • Mid Wales Farming Connect Coordinator (2008-2017);

  • AGORA Development Officer (2017-2019)

  • Cywain Test Trading Manager (2019-2023)

Top tips for business success

“Be prepared to learn from others and make the most of the opportunities to visit other farms and learn from their failures and successes.”
“Always aim to complete every task to the best of your ability and finish one task before starting on another.”