Halghton Hall Farm Facts

Halghton Hall is a 121-hectare (ha) grassland farm supporting a flock of 800 indoor lambing ewes.

The farm is run by David Lewis, the third generation of his family to farm Halghton Hall.

The flock is tupped with Innovis rams in early September, to lamb in February. Ewe lambs are tupped a month later and lamb in March.

The main flock scans at an average of 190% with an average of 1.75 lambs sold per ewe.

Ewe lambs rear one lamb before being integrated in the flock the following year.  

Lambs are sold at a target deadweight of 20kg from the end of May on a Tesco cost of production contract.

Emphasis is placed on production from grass and clover – around 10% of the farm is reseeded annually with high sugar Aber varieties.

Charolais and Limousin beef cattle are grazed during the summer then fattened on grass silage and concentrates to finish at between 18-23 months.

The Glastir Advanced contract at Halghton Hall has been key in the restoration of hedgerows and the creation of wildlife corridors.



To produce and market a high-quality product in a cost effective but sustainable environment at a working farm level, whilst remembering our customers, their changing expectations and the future.