Welsh Pasture Project

Wales has a huge competitive advantage in its ability to reliably grow large amounts of high-quality grass. When managed correctly grazed grass provides high value feed for animals, reduces use of nitrogen fertiliser, can sequester carbon in the soil and is linked to consistent higher profits on farm.

The Welsh Pasture Project aims to provide information and management advice based on regional grass growth trends, which have been carefully recorded by the dedicated project farmers. If you are interested in improving your grazing management BUT not currently measuring grass, this project is for you!

The information will help you make timely on-farm grassland management decisions such as:

  • Should I turn my livestock out?
  • Should I close fields for silage?
  • Should I add buffer feed?
  • Should I spread fertiliser this week?
  • Should I wean my lambs? 

Research has shown farmers that manage grass well are more resilient to weather events and consistently more profitable.

Welsh Pasture Project End of year report 2023

Welsh Pasture Project End of year report 2022



There is a range of systems, land types and experience levels of farms and farmers where all will measure their grass growth every 7-14 days from March to November.




This year we have:

Number of beef and sheep farmers: 19
Number of dairy farmers: 20

If you see a farm within the same region as you, monitor their grass growth, as it is likely a similar growth trend is happening on your farm! This will help support proactive management decisions on your own farm.