Expert Grass Based farmers


Welsh Pasture Project: Andrew Giles, Maesllwch Home Farm

'We farm in one of the driest area in Wales. One of the things that we've learnt over the 20 years that we've been here is to try and predict and look out for a drought that's coming our way. The minute growth rate drops below what we would deem to be average for that time of year, and particularly if there's no rain in the forecast, then we would start putting things in place early, and that's the key thing because you can make a massive difference to the effect that drought has on your grassland.'


Welsh Pasture Project: Bleddyn Davies, Blaenglowon Fawr 

Bleddyn Davies, Blaenglowon Fawr, Talgarreg is one beef and sheep farmer making great advances in his grazing management. We look forward to receiving the farms growth rates on the west coast throughout the season.


Welsh Pasture Project: Rhys Williams, Trygarn

We are privileged to welcome the experienced grassland manager Rhys Williams, Trygarn, Sarn Meyllteyrn as one of our #WelshPastureProject farms this year.

Rhys will share his grassland management strategies with us throughout the season, and share the farm's growth rates on a weekly basis. Here's the background to the farm and his grazing system: