Horticulture business support

Farming Connect’s new ‘Horticulture business support’ service, provides business support and guidance. It’s a service which will help you find answers to your questions, solutions to challenges…

  • Up to 12 hours of fully-funded customised business support for eligible commercial ‘horti’ growers wanting to improve business and technical performance across all areas 
  • Expert independent, confidential, bespoke guidance tailored to your requirements

Learn how to run your horticulture business sustainably, efficiently and profitably… 

  • Soil health for horticulture crops
  • Understanding Growing mediums, sourcing and quality.
  • New horticulture technologies including robotics, remote and digital based agronomy 
  • Plant health and integrated pest management
  • Learn how to prepare for changing weather patterns including drought and flooding
  • Understand how to work with your supply chains effectively
  • Sustainability audits - learn how to reduce your carbon footprint 
  • The marketing mix – identify and reach your target audiences, engage with your local community and increase sales
  • Learn about packaging and presentation – the sustainable way
  • Farm Assurance – learn about agricultural standards or scheme that are applicable to Horticulture, enabling your business to meet its due diligence requirements and ultimately gain consumer confidence.