Mountjoy Farm Facts

Mountjoy is a 186-hectare (ha) grassland farm supporting a herd of 360 New Zealand-type Friesian dairy cows and 200 followers

The holding is farmed by second generation farmer William Hannah, his wife, Heather, and his parents, Tom and Mary. Heather’s brother, Mike Stott, works in the business in a full-time capacity and relief milkers are also employed

The family bought Mountjoy in 1985 and William joined his parents on the farm in 2008

The herd is housed for 8-10 weeks and calves in a 12-week block from March 20th – in 2019 80% calved in the first five weeks

All cows calve at grass on 24-hour grazing breaks

Cows are milked in a 30/30 doubled-up parlour

Annual milk yield average is 6,000 litres/cow at 4.4% butterfat and 3.7% protein, with 3,700 litres produced from forage

1.2 tonnes concentrates/cow/year are fed

Calves are at grass from three weeks old, with milk provided from trailed feeders

Three cuts of silage are made – the third cut is a smaller crop to provide forage for the youngstock

7-8% of the farm is reseeded annually by direct drilling with long term Aber varieties and clover

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To run an enjoyable and profitable business that is sustainable in the long term

To farm in a way that retains soil organic matter