There are a diverse range of dairy farmers in this group who have the common aim and objective of trying to improve herd fertility performance. Poor dairy fertility is the most common inefficiency on dairy units and has a direct impact on production costs, milk production, culling rates and young stock numbers.

Initial meetings identified and quantified the current level of fertility performance on the member farms and measured the financial impact of that performance. A regular programme of knowledge transfer meetings is scheduled each year by the local Development Officer to try and support the group farms in their objectives and monitor progress.

Data is collected from group member’s milk recordings and is reviewed and analysed by a consultant.

Two KPI’s that are constantly monitored within the group, along with many other statistics are:-

• Calving Interval

• 100 day in calf rate


The statistics below map the progress of the group from its inception to date against these two key drivers.


graph sheep 2

Industry figures show that for every day extra in the calving interval it is costing the farmer at least £3.00 per cow per day.

Farm A has reduced its calving interval by 24 days and therefore improved the herd performance by a potential saving of £72.00 per cow.

Farm A = 142 cows x £72.00 = £10,224 potential saving

Farm B has achieved a reduction in Calving Interval of 33 days, so the saving potential is £99.00 per cow.

Farm B = 578 cows (average herd size over monitoring period) x £99.00 = £57, 222 potential saving.

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