This Sheep discussion group have focused their time in the first year on getting their soils right and focusing on grass growth. The group undertook a grass growth trial on one of the group member’s farm between April and June 2016.The trial looked at rotational grazing v’s set stocking on 8 acres. For the rotational grazing plots the 8 acres was split into 4 x 2 acre plots. The results were clearly in favour of rotational grazing, and members of the discussion group were able to make management decisions based on the trial findings on one of the member’s farm. Ewes were introduced late April until the 20th of June.


graph sheep

Key results:

57 more lambs carried on the rotational grazing plot - 1874.1Kg more of lamb produced on the rotational grazing plot which equates to a difference of £3,504.57 - 728 more grazing days on rotational grazing system in comparison to a set stocked plot.


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