25 September 2018


The new cattle EID system has now been installed at Rhug, a Farming Connect focus site in Corwen. As it is installed within the existing cattle handling system, the new system allows for basic data to be collected on a regular basis, making data collection easy and practical for farm staff. Cattle are weighed frequently with all data being recorded to determine key areas for improvement, specifically in terms of nutrition affecting cattle growth and development.

Following a very dry summer at the estate, Gareth Jones, Farm Manager at Rhug will now assess silage stocks and quality. The next part of the project involves focusing on nutrition over the winter period. The first step will be to analyse both grass and arable silage produced at the site. After the silage quality has been determined, we will be working to formulate a suitable ration for the beef enterprise alongside a beef nutritionist. It is important to bear in mind that Rhug is an organic system, and therefore finding a sustainable and cost-effective protein source for cattle diets can prove tricky.

Keep an eye out for the next project update during November 2018.


Gwawr Hughes, Red Meat Technical Officer North Wales

gwawr.hughes@menterabusnes.co.uk / 07932 610 697

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