Live from Rhiwaedog, Y Bala, one of our red meat demonstration sites. We have two exciting projects which are currently on-going at Rhiwaedog, including:

  1. Improving productivity and efficiency from grass
  2. Evaluating the benefits of heat detection technology to provide gains in suckler cow fertility

During the event, a range of experts discussed:

  • The projects - what are we aiming to achieve
  • Herd fertility - providing gains (Joe Angell, Wern Vets) 
  • Moocall Heat - how does it work? 
  • Grassland efficiency - improving productivity from grass (Chris Duller, Independent Grassland Specialist)
  • HCC Stoc+ project - improving your herd's health.  

As well as discussing the projects, our experts offered general advice and recommendations, with the aim of helping you improve your business. 


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