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Performance recording and benchmarking are key for success in the livestock sector but what additional value can PLF offer?

This webinar introduces farmers and industry practitioners to the concept of PLF, and the challenges and opportunities that it brings.

A discussion on a range of technologies, their functionality and performance. There's also a discussion on what we can do with this information and how in future, this data may be used to support the whole supply chain as well as those working directly at farm-level.

  • Overview of importance of performance recording and benchmarking – focus on cattle and sheep
  • Concept of PLF
    • What is PLF?
    • Examples of PLF – on-animal and off-animal sensor systems
    • What does PLF capture? Examples of data.
    • PLF currently available to farmers
  • Making sense of information gathered from PLF tools
  • Limitations of PLF
  • Data beyond the farm-gate to support the whole chain
  • Questions


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