George Edward Wozencraft

Glanalders, Radnorshire

    One of George Wozencraft’s main drivers at Glanalders is to become more self-sufficient in energy while improving bird health and welfare. George has 20kW solar panels installed on his 16,000-layer bird flat deck system. However, the energy generated is only contributing around a third of the annual requirement for the shed.

    Poultry have greater sensitivity to colours and vision on the ultraviolet spectrum. The presence of different colours, intensity and periods of light can all have an influence on their behaviour and performance. To work towards a further improvement in energy self-sufficiency, Glanalders will replace the shed’s current 2ft light strips with 3 lines of 35 48V/9.6W warm white LED (light emitting diode) lights.

    The aim for Glanalders is to see if the changes in lighting will improve bird health and welfare while reducing the farm’s energy use and carbon footprint. 

    The project will also contribute to the Sustainable Land Management outcomes including:

    • Contribute to high bird health and welfare
    • Resource efficiency 

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