Castellior, Pentraeth Road, Porthaethwy, Anglesey

Focus Site Project: Quantifying the carbon footprint of a lowland beef finishing system: identifying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on-farm

Project objectives:

The overarching aim of this project will be to quantify the net carbon footprint of a lowland beef finishing system. This will consist of determining the GHGs produced from on-farm activities, as well as carbon sequestration to remove GHGs from the atmosphere on-farm.

This project will focus on the production element (the GHGs produced on-farm), and aim to identify opportunities for GHG mitigation in the future. This could provide a long-term strategy for Castellior, as the timescale for implementing and measuring the mitigation strategies will be beyond the duration of this project. Nevertheless, this project will aim to predict the effect of applying specific mitigation strategies on the farm’s carbon footprint in the future. An estimation of carbon sequestration levels will also be useful for the farm going forward.

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