Fedw Arian Uchaf, Rhyd Uchaf, Y Bala, Gwynedd

Focus Site Project: Maximising output on an organic hill farm

Project objectives:

  • Maximise dry matter output from productive areas of the hill farm through looking at grass and forage crop options, primarily for grazing.
  • Identifying less productive areas (steep slopes and near ditches) and exploring options such as tree planting to gain additional habitats and shelter.
  • Achieve a return on investment.

What will be done:

Following soil analysis, a 8 hectare field that has been in short term ley will be split into 3 areas and planted in late August/early September with

  1. Westerwold
  2. Italian ryegrass
  3. Forage rye

Dry matter production (through exclusion cages) and grass quality (samples sent for analysis) will be monitored at 3 different stages:-

  1. late autumn grazing
  2. early spring grazing
  3. silage cut

Geraint Jones, Farming Connect Forestry Technical Officer will also evaluate the farm and create a woodland management plan to highlight areas where tree planting may be an option, and advise on most appropriate varieties and management.

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