Marian Mawr Farm Facts

Host Farmers

  • Marian Mawr is farmed by Aled Morris and his family.
  • The business employs five full-time workers and two part-time employees.


  • Aled farms 670 acres in total.
  • Marian Mawr itself extends to 320 acres.
  • A 350-acre neighbouring farm is rented for rearing youngstock and silage production.
  • Most of the land, including the homestead, is 650 feet above sea level, with about 80 acres at 200 feet above sea level.




  • The herd consists of 700 head of livestock.
  • 400 Holstein cows are milked, averaging 9,500 litres per cow. They hope to increase the herd to 500 in the future.
  • 220-250 high yielding cows are housed all year round, with 70-100 of the lower yielding cows out in the summer.
  • The cows are fed a TMR ration based on grass silage and maize. In the winter they are fed wholecrop and fodder beet.
  • 100 heifers are brought into the herd every year as replacements. All replacements are reared on the farm.
  • The farm supplies a Muller Wiseman contract and also undertakes milk recording, body condition scoring and lameness scoring.
  • The current stocking rate is 1.06/acre.


  • Sheep are wintered on the farm.


  • 400 acres of the farm is grassland, of which about 100 acres is used for grazing and the rest for silage. Silage is taken in three cuts, with 250 acres in the first cut, followed by cuts of 200 and 100 acres.
  • 75 acres of maize is grown on the farm for livestock feed.
  • 60 acres winter wheat is grown and 30 acres spring barley.
  • Aled grows 25 acres of fodder beet for winter feed.

Additional information

  • A wind turbine has been erected on the farm to supply renewable energy.
  • Aled is part of a co-operative producer group with Muller Wiseman.
  • Aled takes every opportunity to learn through open days and evening meetings.