Iwan Francis

Nantglas, Talog, Carmarthenshire


Key areas you wish to focus on as a demonstration farmer?

Cow fertility: fertility can be a challenge as we have two calving blocks. My aim is to reduce our calving period from 12 weeks to 9 weeks.

Soil and grassland management: purchased feeds add to our cost of production so if we can reduce our reliance on these by improving the performance of our grassland this will make our business more sustainable.

Eradicating Johne’s from the herd: herd health is a priority and Johne’s is a disease we really want to get on top of.

To consider the value of growing mixed leys: we are keen to learn more about how we can incorporate mixed leys into our system, to provide variety in cow diets.

Nantglas Farm Facts


"As farmers it is possible to get stagnant in the way we run our farms so through our work as a Farming Connect Demonstration Site I am looking forward to working with experts in different areas of the business and to sharing our experiences with farmers who will come to our open days, facing their questions and finding answers - or excuses!"

- Iwan Francis


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