Rhiwgriafol Farm Facts

Host Farmers

  • Rhiwgriafol Demonstration Farm is run by Rhidian Glyn in partnership with his wife, Elen Glyn.
  • Both partners currently work full-time off the farm.
  • The farm business has been gradually built up over eight years, having started with seven acres and 15 ewes.


  • Rhiwgriafol is a 530-acre hill farm, taken on in 2014 on a ten-year Farm Business Tenancy.
  • The land comprises 290 acres of unimproved hill land and 230 acres of improved grassland.
  • There is also 15 acres of woodland on the farm.




  • The flock comprises 900 improved Welsh ewes and 200 replacement ewe lambs.
  • 600 ewes have been put to a Welsh ram and 300 put to a New Zealand Suffolk.
  • In 2016, scanning results were 130%, with the aim of rearing 120%.
  • Twins are lambed indoors from mid-March and fed grass silage, oats and concentrates.
  • Singles are lambed outdoors and fed oats and concentrates through a three in one feeder.
  • Lambs are finished off grass, rape and turnips and sold through local livestock markets.
  • Inputs are kept to a minimum.


  • Rhidian contract reared 31 dairy heifers last year, averaging 0.7kg/day in daily liveweight gains.
  • This year the farm will hope to rear 50 heifers on contract.
  • Heifers are reared on a strip grazing system and silage only diet during the winter when they are housed for three months.


  • 25 acres cut for big bale silage.
  • Plan to reseed 20 acres into grass and rape.