Project update: February 2020 - Hendre Ifan Goch

Grassland expert, Gareth Davies of Grassland Advisory Service Ltd., is leading this project work at Hendre Ifan Goch.  Following an initial meeting at Hendre Ifan Goch to discuss the plan of the project in January, 2020; Gareth visited again in February to collect soil samples from three chosen fields.  The main aim of collecting these soil samples was to identify current levels of soil organic matter, soil organic carbon and active soil carbon.  These 3 particular fields had been chosen by Gareth, as well as Russell and Rhys (the farmers at Hendre Ifan Goch) as they were the three fields that varied most in terms of soil type, production and use (grazing vs silage fields), therefore would (hopefully) give us the greatest variation in terms of soil sample results.  The map below shows an aerial view of the fields and the rotational grazing platform at Hendre Ifan Goch farm.



The three fields that were chosen to be sampled were the following fields;

  • - Red 3
  • - Orange 3
  • - Purple 3