Develop a highly skilled workforce with apprenticeships

Airbus UK

Higher level skills mean higher level success. Airbus discovered that when they put people on Higher Apprenticeships with training to degree level and beyond.

Higher Apprenticeships focus on honing, developing and increasing strong existing skillsets which are specific to your business.

The more capable and efficient your staff are, the more productive and competitive your business will be.

The Apprenticeship Programme at Airbus is the cornerstone of its skills strategy, with excellent talent retention and development, ensuring one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft has a highly skilled workforce.

Over the past 30 years, Airbus has trained over 4,000 apprentices across the UK and 70 per cent of their senior managers started out as apprentices themselves.

The company also has an aspiration of growing the number of female apprentices to 25 per cent.

“We offer a range of apprenticeships, from Undergraduate programmes which are the equivalent to an Honours degree, to craft apprenticeships through which you can become a skilled craftsman,” said Gavin Jones, Early Careers Programmes Manager.

“You have to spend time initially on coaching, guiding and tutoring the apprentices but this investment certainly pays off as the experience and qualifications they acquire help your business to become much more productive and competitive.”