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Powered by an unwavering commitment to staff development, Admiral – which was founded in Cardiff in 1993 – has become one of the insurance industry’s biggest success stories. 

Central to this success is the Admiral Academy. 
Made up of more than 20 learning and development professionals, the Academy’s goal is to help everyone at the company reach their full potential. This includes giving individuals the opportunity to study for qualifications during work hours, actively encouraging employees to go on training courses, and funding the cost of books, eBooks and DVDs that members of staff need to advance their knowledge and skills.

Today, Admiral employs more than 8,000 staff worldwide but its headquarters remain in Cardiff, where the Academy continues to provide an empowering mix of support, guidance and opportunities.

During 2016 alone, 5,825 employees attended courses and workshops and there are now 200 online courses available to staff. Both these figures are set to rise as the company expands and the next generation of recruits are encouraged to grow into future leaders.

“It is so important to us that the huge amount of talented people we see around the business, receive every opportunity to shine and reach their full potential.”
Neil Evans, Academy Trainer, Admiral