Enterprise Troopers Resources

Enterprise education is an essential part of the primary curriculum and many classroom activities provide opportunities for children to apply their entrepreneurial skills in exciting and practical ways.

Taking part in the national competition will help your pupils to become Enterprise Troopers and to:

  • reflect on their own particular strengths, interests and aspirations;
  • have a can-do attitude and the drive to make ideas happen;
  • be skilled in getting on with people, influencing, negotiating and contributing to a team approach;
  • be creative, innovative, and take imaginative approaches to problem solving.

Crucially they will be able to describe how they have developed and used their entrepreneurship skills, and why these characteristics are important.

A central aim of the national primary competition is to encourage schools to recognise and build upon their existing good practice. The competition resources, enterprise activities and support materials are designed to complement the work you are already doing to encourage your pupils to behave in an entrepreneurial way.

The activities will really enhance learning across the curriculum, helping your pupils to apply their literacy and numeracy skills in real-life contexts. To help with curriculum planning, each competition learning activity has links with:

  • The National Literacy and Numeracy Framework
  • The Foundation Phase Framework for Children’s Learning in Wales
  • National Curriculum subject requirements
  • PSE, ICT and Curriculum Cymreig


Below are some additional resources to support your enterprise activities with information on how it links with the curriculum:


Business Ideas

Here are some ideas of enterprise activities that the children can undertake.  No idea is too small, here are some examples of what schools have previously entered ......

Enterprise Troopers Action Plan

Print this out to keep track of exactly who is doing what and by when. A perfect support tool for organisation, as recommended by Owain.

Five Point Guide

Everybody takes part in creative thinking sessions all the time, but it never hurts to be reminded of what it takes to get those great ideas flowing. As recommended by Callum




Here's a flyer for you to print out and hand to local businesses in your area to build relationships and galvanise their support for your school's entry. As recommended by Rhian.

Enterprise Troopers Links with Curriculum Wales

These activities below are meant to act as a guide for teachers to support using the Enterprise Troopers competition to develop key
Literacy and Numeracy skills from the LNF

Enterprise Troopers Literacy Skill Pathways

NatWest Moneysense

MoneySense - a free financial education programme for 5-18s

Resources, workshops and more for teachers, students, parents and bank employee volunteers.


Young Enterprise Fiver Challenge

The Fiver Challenge is Young Enterprise's nationwide challenge for primary schools, aimed to inspire creativity and develop enterprising attitudes and behaviours in young people.

Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Cracking Ideas Competition

Wallace and Gromit present a world of Cracking ideas.  Visit the Ideas Gallery on www.crackingideas.com to get some inspiration for your big idea.  You can also download Activity and Innovation packs to learn more about invention and innovations.  Why not join the flock and enter your invention into the Cracking Ideas Competition (external website)