Robb Merchant

Location: Abergavenny, Powys

Destination: France

Topic: Viticulture


Robb Merchant

Robb Merchant from Abergavenny, Powys, will visit France

Robb Merchant is involved in fruit growing and viticulture and is keen to find out more about adding value to his produce and direct marketing.  France and Germany are both highly advanced in the field of wine production with many smaller scale vineyards managing to produce exceptional grapes and wines of incredible quality.

In the next few years, Robb hopes to grow his business by increasing the acreage of vines planted, and to ensure that the quality wines his business is known for are continually produced to the highest possible standards This exchange would provide the opportunity to learn about the wider considerations of not only first-class viticulture, but also winemaking and blending on a small scale within a specific geographical region.

He hopes that his exchange visit will show him what small producers do in their vineyards to maintain and increase the quality of their grapes and wines.  He is also keen to find out how small wineries operate as an individual business or within a co-operative as an alternative business model. 


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