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Farming Connect provides a package of support, tailored to your requirements, which will help you make well informed decisions

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advice (image)

Our Advisory Service provides expert, independent, confidential and bespoke advice to farm and forestry businesses

mentoring (image)

Matching experienced farm and forestry mentors with mentees, providing 15 hours of one-to-one support to help you meet business, technical and business objectives

succession (image)

The biggest long-term threat to any family farm or forestry is the lack of a robust succession plan.

It's about the long-term plan for your farming or forestry business – the facts, goals and the means to achieve the best outcome for all concerned

business plan template (image)
Business Plan Template

Our Business Plan Guide will show you how to prepare a high quality plan using a number of easy to follow steps

Farming Connect ICT Programme

Farming Connect provides fully funded computer training for eligible farm and forestry businesses registered with Farming Connect

training courses (image)
Training Courses

Could our short training courses help you meet your business objectives?

Can we help you identify the training which would most benefit you, eligible family members and your workers?

80 training courses available all subsidised by up to 80% for registered businesses.

e-learning (image)

Our e-learning interactives cover a wide variety of topics which will help you develop new and existing skills, knowledge and improve working practices within your business

One-to-one Surgeries

Attending a one-to-one surgery will enable you to gain advice and guidance specific to your business in a confidential and trusted setting

Management Exchange (image)
Management Exchange

Learn from best practice by visiting other successful businesses in the EU and/ or visiting delegate

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