David Jones

Location: Llanover, Abergavenny

Destination: The Netherlands

Topic: Efficient Farming on the Edge


David Jones

David Jones from Llanover, Abergavenny, will visit The Netherlands

David Jones runs a mixed dairy, beef and arable holding in Llanover.

He hopes to visit Vetvice, a Cowsignals Training Centre in the Netherlands which delivers practical and reliable information on dairy cow housing and husbandry to dairy farmers worldwide, and is considered a global leader in this field.

David is currently in the process of expanding the farm’s dairy herd which includes the conversion of a large barn into dairy housing with robotic milk machines.

The aim of his visit is to attend a barn design course and to benefit from on farm barn design advice that would enable his business to maximise cow health through good hygiene, low infection pressure and to minimise threat from disease.

He also wants to look at maximising cow comfort to improve cow welfare, longevity and yield. David plans to share his findings with the Faming Connect Dairy Fertility Discussion Group members through an open day on farm with Vetvice consultants.


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