Alwyn Phillips

Location: Bethel Road, Caernarfon

Destination: Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands

Topic: Scandinavian methods of artificially inseminating ewes

Alwyn Phillips

Alwyn Phillips from Bethel Road, Caernarfon, will visit Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands

Sector: Beef and Sheep

Details of the exchange:

I wish to visit Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands to learn more about the benefits of Cervical AI in sheep using frozen semen. The practice of this technique is currently more advanced and widespread in these countries than it is in the UK. I would also like to look at sheep production and performance recording systems in these countries.

Why did you apply for the Management Exchange?

To find out more about cervical AI, frozen semen and to see the technology in practice, learning how other countries have such success. Seeing something in practice is better than reading about it.

What are you hoping to gain from participating in the Management Exchange?

I hope to learn about improving conception rates by cervical insemination of ewes using frozen semen.

All insemination of ewes in Wales using frozen semen is by Laparoscopy insemination, which has to be carried out by a vet and is expensive and invasive. Cervical AI using frozen semen can be practiced on farm by the farmer and at a considerably lower cost. Advanced and accessible use of cervical AI using frozen semen would play a pivotal role in genomic improvement and improving carcass and maternal traits. Improve connectedness between flocks and increase accuracy of comparing EBV's between flocks will lead to a faster rate of genetic gains. 

I am hoping to gather information about their specific techniques, expertise and specialist equipment and be able to bring the knowledge and skills home so that they may be shared for the wider benefit of the sheep industry in Wales.

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