Michael Houlden

Location: St Clears, Carmarthenshire

Destination: France

Topic: Hedges: A Renewable Source of Energy


Michael Houlden

Michael Houlden from St Clears, Carmarthenshire, will visit France

Sector: Sheep, Dairy and Forestry

Details of the exchange:

France is advanced in the field of organic produce. It has established co-operative businesses producing bio wood fuels and woodland products in a sustainable way.

Why did you apply for the Management Exchange?

To gain experience into how other small woodland producers work together as a co-operative to market and add value to timber. Also to evaluate how small woodlands can generate an additional income to the farm business as a whole.

What are you hoping to gain from participating in the Management Exchange?

I would like to understand how to set up and develop a business as a co-operative and experience new woodland and hedge management techniques. Also, I hope to learn more about the technology, processes and equipment used to produce woodland products, as well as develop marketing skills and understand potential outlets for products. I plan to use the knowledge gained to maximise the income potential of my own woodland and hedges in a sustainable way. Another plan is to share my knowledge with local farmers and explore the possibilities of setting up a co-operative to produce and sell woodland products.

Management Exchange Report