Gerald Miles 

Location: St.Davids, Pembrokeshire

Destination: France, Austria, Poland, Hungary

Topic: Regen growth of ancient wheat 

Gerald Miles

Gerald Miles, a seventh-generation farmer, together with his son Gerald, runs an organic pasture-fed Belted Welsh Black suckler herd in Pembrokeshire. They also have a flourishing glamping enterprise at their spectacular coastal location. In addition, they grow 20 acres of ancient wheat varieties including Black Oats; Emmer Wheat, Einkorn Wheat; April Bearded and Hen Gymro. Gerald helped set up Wales’ first Community Supported Agriculture group and has joined a ‘Seed Sovereignty’ initiative to safeguard the new wheat varieties against legislation which puts them at risk. 

“My exchange will enable me to learn how others have progressed from growing to processing on-farm and supplying artisan bakers. I hope the knowledge I gain will lead to the creation of a farmers’ co-operative and a viable market for Welsh wheat.”