Dairy Livestock

The Livestock Programme will be split into two levels and will cover the following topics: 

Programme Level

Dairy Livestock Meeting Topics

Entry Level


Lameness and Cow Comfort

Dairy Cow Nutrition

Nutrient and Manure Management

Heifer Management

Advanced Level

Focus on health and cow signals

Milk quality and hygiene

Antimicrobial Use

Breeding and replacement plan

Use of technology and data to monitor and improve herd performance

*Please note these may be adapted to suit group members and farming systems 


Delivery Method

  • Members will be split into regional groups (where possible). 
  • Meetings will be delivered as:
    • 3 x On-farm meetings (3-4 hours) 
    • 1x Virtual meeting (1-2 hours).
    • 1x 1-2-1 session with each farmer
  • Sector specific WhatsApp Group to facilitate discussion and idea sharing between meetings will be created
  • Key Performance Indicators will be measured to tailor meetings to the group needs and to help encourage change and improvement.