Agri Academy

Inspiring the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs

This pioneering and innovative personal development programme is now approaching its eighth year with 200 alumni. 

The Agri Academy, which provides an action packed programme of training, mentoring, support and guidance over 3 intense residential sessions, has 2 distinct elements:

  • Business and Innovation Programme - aimed at supporting and inspiring the next generation of farming and forestry innovators and entrepreneurs in Wales.
  • Junior Programme – aimed at supporting young people aged between 16 and 19 years who hope to follow a career in the food, farming and forestry industries. The programme will offer participants a unique opportunity to network with high profile individuals within the industry. (The Junior Programme is a joint collaboration with Wales YFC).​

The application window for Agri Academy 2020 is now closed.


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Cerys Fairclough Academi Amaeth 2019 Agri Academy
Aduniad Academi Amaeth 2018 Agri Academy Reunion

Here are some experiences from our previous Agri Academy Alumni:

Cerys Fairclough
Cerys Fairclough, Junior Programme 2019

“I feel immensely privileged to have been part of the Agri Academy which is why I would urge anyone ambitious and willing to invest some time on their personal development to apply as soon as possible. It’s tempting to think you don’t have time for anything extra in life when you’ve got the daily demands of academic studies or a job, a busy social life and day to day farming duties, but the Agri Academy experience has focused my thinking and I’m hugely grateful for having that opportunity."

Neil Davies
Neil Davies, Business & Innovation Programme 2019

“Being part of the Agri Academy was an incredible experience and I learned a lot. I will definitely be making some changes to my business as a result.”

Rebecca John
Rebecca John, Junior Programme 2019

“Applying for the Agri Academy was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I’m going to take up more opportunities that come my way and also look for opportunities myself. The Agri Academy has made me think about my future in the industry.”

Sioned Davies
Sioned Davies, Business & Innovation Programme 2019

“Being part of the Agri Academy was an experience I'll never forget, not only because of the friendships I’ve made, but also the variety of business skills and ideas we were able to develop throughout the process.”

Aled Thomas
Aled Thomas, Junior Programme 2019

"My time with the Agri Academy has opened new doors and expanded my diversification ideas.”

Malan Hughes
Malan Hughes, Business & Innovation Programme 2018

“My Agri Academy experience was brilliant in every way, introducing me to new ways of working, and giving me time to consider my plans for the future."  

Rhys Griffith
Rhys Griffith, Business & Innovation Programme 2017

"So many fantastic opportunities have come my way since I took part in the Agri Academy, and although it’s a job to leave the farm and the businesses sometimes, I would urge anyone thinking about it to get their application in as soon as they can. It’s an experience not be missed.”

Morley Jones
Morley Jones, Junior Programme 2017

“Farmers are facing an uncertain future as we head towards leaving the EU, but now is the time for young people to focus their drive and ambition for the good of the industry, and to try and find ways of contributing effectively to our rural economy.”

Jim Ellis
Jim Ellis, Business and Innovation Programme 2017

“The new networks and friends I’ve made, together with mentoring and guidance from experts, has been fantastic. I’ve met so many inspirational business people, who have given me a new sense of focus which I plan to put into practice both on the farm and in some of my other business enterprises.”

John Goodwin
John Goodwin, Business and Innovation Programme 2017

“Personal development is important at whatever stage of life you are at, and I think it is the combination of a mix of age groups, all from differing backgrounds, and a very well planned programme of training and activities, which makes this programme so successful."

Branwen Miles
Branwen Miles, Rural Leadership Programme 2017

“The Agri Academy is an amazing support network, where advice and ideas are shared willingly and friendships for life are forged – we still have our Whatsapp group!

Carwyn Rees
Carwyn Rees, Business & Innovation Programme 2016

“The Agri Academy experience has made me realise that I should take on new challenges now rather than postponing them. I’ve finally put my ideas into practice and have purchased four new camping pods to expand the current touring park. I have a business plan to keep me on track with financial targets and I’m already well advanced with plans to market the business in time for this summer’s visitors.”

Cain Owen
Cain Owen, Junior Programme 2016

“The Academy introduced me to a new network of people who are all ambitious for the future of agriculture in Wales. I have made fantastic new friends, and I am confident we will all stay in touch and continue to support each other.”

Jacob Anthony
Jacob Anthony, Junior Programme 2014

"I would advise anyone thinking of applying for the Agri Academy to go ahead, it's been a life-changing experience for many of us, which has had enormous personal benefits and helped us develop our business acumen too."

Aled Davies
Aled Davies, Junior Programme 2014

“Being part of the Farming Connect Agri Academy was an inspirational experience and I would urge anyone wanting to work in the farming, food or forestry industry to apply – it will change the way you think and the way you work.”

The Farming Connect Agri-Academy is delivered in collaboration with other major agricultural organisations in Wales who support us in our search for dynamic, focused and ambitious individuals who can contribute to our farming, forestry and food industries.

They include:

  • Royal Welsh Agricultural Society (RWAS)
  • National Farmers Union Wales (NFU Cymru)
  • Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW)
  • Country Landowners Association (CLA Cymru)
  • Wales YFC

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