Business and Innovation Programme

Are you passionate about farming, about Wales and about your future?


Applications are invited for the 2020 Agri Academy Business & Innovation Programme.

The fully subsidised Farming Connect Agri Academy Business and Innovation Programme aims to:

  • Improve your understanding of the matters that affect the success of your business
  • Improve your awareness of the opportunities and threats that face your business in the future
  • Support personal development through workshops and seminars
  • Offer opportunities to meet industry experts and business leaders
  • Create an environment to improve business management skills
  • Promote effective networking among the most forward looking agri-business people in Wales


The application window for Agri Academy 2020 is now closed.


Initiation & Introductions

Royal Welsh Show


22 July 2020


SESSION 1: Understanding my supply chain                                                        



11 - 13 September 2020


SESSION 2: Overseas study tour



11 - 15 October 2020


SESSION 3: Building my business

North Wales


20 - 22 November 2020



Royal Welsh Winter Fair


30 November 2020





8 December 2020

Candidates will receive one-to-one support from an experienced mentor. The 'Academy Challenge' will involve preparing a management plan for a working family farm.

If you would like some more information please contact Gwenno Griffiths on 01970 631 414 or


The successful candidates for our 2019 Business and Innovation Programme.


claire 300x219 1

Clare Williams

Llanidloes, Powys

"I am certain that the people I meet and the new skills I gain through the Business & Innovation programme will give me the confidence to make our plans a reality."



agri1110 1

Eurof Edwards

Y Bala, Gwynedd

“I hope that being part of the Business & Innovation Programme will enable me to create a business that is resilient in every financial climate and can withstand changing market conditions through keeping production costs low and outputs high, regardless of the wider economic picture.


Gwen Price

Llangadog, Carmarthenshire

“I think that being part of the Business & Innovation Programme will enable me to work towards setting a plan for the next five years with targets including animal performance, lambing percentage, scanning percentage, all with the continued support from family. Learning as much as possible about running a business will be key to making the farm successful and sustainable.”


heledd 1004 1

Heledd Mair Jones

Machynlleth, Powys

“I think the Agri Academy will open up a new world of ideas and I’m looking forward to receiving much needed advice and support from not just the experts and business people I’ll meet, but from like-minded ambitious people in a similar situation to us, wanting to start their own sustainable and profitable farm business.”


IrwelJones 015 1

Irwel Jones

Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire

“My long-term aim is to prepare for expanding the business through renting more land. I hope that being part of the Business & Innovation Programme gives me fresh impetus and new ideas on how to achieve economies of scale through expanding the sheep flock.”


LlyrJones KM 013 1

Llyr Jones

Llandysul, Ceredigion

"I hope that one day I will be able to expand the business, I have many ideas in the pipeline and I am determined to develop and investigate every opportunity for potential growth. I believe being part of the Business & Innovation programme will give me the confidence and boost I need to get these new streams of income started.”


Stanton (Neil Davies 0008) 1

Neil Davies

Llangammarch Wells, Powys

“I hope that being part of the Business & Innovation Programme will give me the chance to seek inspiration from other successful farmers and business people and I’m keen to strengthen the networking and business skills I need to build up good relationships with my existing and potential buyers."


09 07 2019 PeredurOwen 011 1

Peredur Owen

Llandovery, Carmarthenshire

"My main ambition at present is to develop the property while building up equity within the share-farming business by investing in livestock. I am sure that the Business & Innovation Programme will give me the mentoring and new networks I need to give me the confidence and skills to achieve this.”


Rheinallt Harries

Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

“I’m a great believer in making sure the business performs at its best across all areas, so this starts with the soil and the quality of the grassland, continuing right through to the livestock, their health and husbandry and the quality and quantity of milk they produce.


RhianDavies KM 015 1

Rhian Davies

Llanbrynmair, Powys

“I look forward to being inspired and mentored by other successful business people, so that I can help our farm perform at its best, making the most of both the landscape and climate. I hope too that there is scope for the veterinary practice to continue to develop across all our current areas of working including farm animals, equine and small animals.”


Robert Powell

Waunarlwydd, Swansea

“I’m looking forward to focusing on my personal development and of gaining a broader commercial acumen through networking, mentoring and the many other opportunities I know the Business & Innovation Programme will offer me."


Stanton (Sioned Davies 1588) 1

Sioned Davies

Brecon, Powys

“To ensure success we must expand and develop our skills as a team, and this is where I think the Agri Academy will be essential. Developing business skills including networking and business management will be vital core skills!”