Carys Jones

Carregcynffyrdd, North Carmarthenshire


Carregcynffyrdd, is farmed by Carys Jones and family where they run a flock of 400 Llanymddyfri Welsh ewes and 100 Romney cross ewes alongside a herd of 50 suckler cows. 

Over recent years, Carys has strived to improve on-farm efficiencies through adapting the breeds used at Carregcynffyrdd. She is now taking the opportunity to see how to deal with the most cost-effective management of feeding ewes at the same time as maximising flock outputs – key factors that will resonate with many other Welsh farmers in similar circumstances.

The project will aim to, where possible, maximise the use of sustainable, locally produced protein sources and minimise the use of expensive feed ingredients and imported protein.

There are two factors which will be evaluated as part of the project: 

  • Developing a cost-effective diet for the flock through the year.
  • Control trial which involves pre-tupping dosing with propylene glycol to half the flock to measure whether this has an effect on lamb numbers.

The project will also contribute to the Sustainable Land Management outcomes including:

  • contribute to high flock health and welfare
  • resource efficiency
  • reduce the farms greenhouse gas emissions

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