Berea, St Davids

Focus Site Project: Exploring Techniques to Create Predictable Compost

Project aims: 

  • This project aims to develop a rapid composting system to provide nutrition for vegetables, based on manures produced at the farm.
  • Produce predictable sustainable composted manures as quickly and efficiently as possible while promoting optimal performance from farm resources.
  • Predictable levels of N, P, K, Mg and pH will be of great benefit to the precision feeding of semi intensive vegetable production including soil grown protected cropping at Caerhys.
  • Straw-based muck from the winter housing of the suckler herd will be stacked under a tarpaulin sheet and turned when the internal temperature hits 60 degrees C. When the stack consistently returns temperatures of below 30 degrees C for 10 days, the composting degradation process will be deemed complete and turning will cease. After a further 14 days to allow for the conversion and maturation phases, the compost will be sampled for nutrient content.
  • A Nutrient Management Plan baseline study will demonstrate best practice in matching soil requirements to supplement the growing of different vegetable crops and help determine appropriate compost application rates. 

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