Wern, Foel, Welshpool

Focus Site Project(s): Improving energy efficiency in intensive poultry units / Using EXZOLT® to control red mite in poultry units.


Improving energy efficiency in intensive poultry units

Project aims:

The main aim of this project is to measure and understand the current electricity consumption and energy demands of the host farm and implement measures to reduce future energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.
Current energy consumption of the 32,000 bird poultry layer unit will be recorded through an energy audit.
The data collected will be used to produce a full comprehensive report stating recommendations to reduce energy usage and improve energy efficiency on an on-farm level.
Energy consumption will be reviewed again to show if recommendations have reduced the energy usage for the poultry unit. 

Using EXZOLT® to control red mite in poultry units.

Project aims:

The aim of the project is to find a control for red mite within poultry units which is effective and financially viable.
An assessment of the current red mite situation within the poultry unit will be identified. After the assessment of red mite confirms that there is a requirement to treat the vaccine will be administered.
After the vaccine has been administered red mite traps will again be used within the unit to measure the level of red mite routinely over the course of the trial.
A cost benefit analysis for the vaccine will also be completed to show the costs associated and any advantages from using the vaccine.

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