This Agronomy course is offered through Coleg Sir Gar and accredited through Agored aims to cover the establishment and management of a range of crops grown in Wales.

It is taught to Level 4 standard, equivalent to the first year in a Degree Level at university.
Course Delivery:  The course duration is between four and six days which are ideally spread over the calendar year so that farm crops can be seen at different stages. Participatory training techniques are to be used throughout. The first five days will be at intervals as in class teaching with candidates expected to follow up each day with practical assessments on crops in their own areas. Paper and pens will be provided and within five days of each session copies of slides made available.    
Minimum entry levels for this course are: GCSE in English (Welsh), Maths and three years experience working in agriculture OR five years working on commercial farms.


1. Crop Production. Variety selection.        
2. Weeds, identification and control.         
3. Pests, identification, assessment and control options.         
4. Diseases.         
5. Soil and Crop Nutrition.       
6. Plant Protection Chemicals and Fertiliser Products. 
7. Protecting People, Animals and the Environment.
8. Application of Plant Protection Products and Fertilisers.
9. Growth and Management of Grassland including establishment, identification of both broad-leaved and grass species. When and why to destroy old pasture and start again?
10. Where suitable adoption of herbal leys and selection of desirable species.

At the end of the course there will be a written examination of approximately 2.5 hours followed by a viva with a college tutor and independent assessor. The pass mark will be 70% and candidates will be awarded a formal qualification accepted at most UK universities as worth 15 Credits at 1st year degree level.

The following Training Providers are available to deliver this course:

Coleg Sir Gar

Contact name:
Helen Williams

Telephone number:
01554 748346  

Email address:

Website address:

Postal address:
Sandy Road, Pwll, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA15 4DN

Area covered:
South West Wales (courses mainly at Gelli Aur Campus Llandeilo)

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