Delwedd’s Story

Based in Caernarfon, family-owned web design company Delwedd first started to operate in 1998. The team have steadily grown since becoming a limited company in October 2016.

As a small business owner, Director Ceri Garrod must wear many hats, and as her business grew she was committed to making sure her employees were treated fairly. “We wanted to make sure our employees had the fair policies they needed and to make sure we were always doing the right thing.”

Expert advice

“We found out about the Federation of Small Businesses and their legal hub which holds template documents that you can tailor to your business. For us, it contained useful employer handbooks and employment policies which helped us to shape our HR processes”. 

 “We’re quite hands-on in the day-to-day running of the company, so time can sometimes be short. Having ready-made documents that are fairly well written saved us time and money. As employers, it’s reassuring to know that expert advice is always on hand to us, either online or over the phone.”

Peace of mind

For employee Casi Roberts, that meant peace of mind, “Knowing that these policies are on hand if we need them means I know where I need to look if I have a question about anything. It makes me feel like I’m being treated fairly and that the company has done their best to make sure everything is above board.”

The Delwedd team made the most of the expert legal advice that the FSB had on hand but the benefits of becoming a member didn’t stop there:

“Being a member of the FSB  has helped us in build our business profile and provided us with networking opportunities. We were even shortlisted for an award for our pro-bono work which has been great to tell prospective clients. It is great to know that if we ever need advice and support or meet other businesses in similar situations, the FSB is there to help.”