Induction Checklist

Name of employee: Job title:
Start date: Date induction completed: (with signature of new starter)


Day 1 Carried out by Date Notes
Show new employee where they will be working and basic equipment.      
Introduce them to their line manager, colleagues, including their ‘buddy’ and senior managers.      
Show new employee rest of organisation including facilities.      
Deal with any key matters such as their P45, NI number and security pass.      
Outline health and safety procedures.      


By end of first week Carried out by Date Notes
Introduction to the business      
Who’s who,  how it works and what it produces or services provided.      
Brief history and values of the company.      
Future plans and developments.      
New employee’s job      
Explain job fully, how it fits in the organisation and work practices.      
Outline expected performance standards and how they will be assessed.      
Initial training requirements (including H&S training).      
Possible opportunities for  future development.      


New employee’s terms and conditions of employment Carried out by Date Notes
Ensure employee understands and has written copy.      
Outline probationary period.      
& hours, breaks, holidays and when they will get paid.      
Pension information.      
The organisation’s important rules and policies on:
  • job performance
  • conduct
  • absence, including illness and sick pay
  • complaints against staff, such as bullying and harassment
  • equal opportunities
  • use of mobile phones, company internet, email protocols.
Also say where more details can be found.
Periods of notice.      
Maternity / paternity / parental leave / shared parental provisions.      
Company rules and norms such as dress code, parking, smoking and the canteen.      

Forward Plan:

By end of first month Carried out by Date Notes
Agree regular checks on progress      


By end of three months Carried out by Date Notes
Carry out interim check on performance      


By end of six months Carried out by Date Notes
Complete end of probation assessment