Job Description Template

Job title:                                                                           
Department / Team:  


Job purpose


2 or 3 sentences which outline the overall responsibility of the postholder e.g. “the purpose of this post is to ensure the provision of an effective IT support service for all departments within the company”.



Staff management responsibility
Who the postholder reports to and who they will be managing.




Resource management responsibility
Budget / equipment.




Special conditions
Highlight any unusual features of the job e.g. shift working, requirement to be mobile in a specific area, Disclosure Barring Service check, physical factors where relevant.




Main duties and responsibilities
Detail the main duties of the job, grouping together related activities.  Consider the precise nature of responsibility and choose the most appropriate verb e.g. certify, allocate, monitor etc.


You will from time to time be required to undertake other duties of a similar nature as required by your line manager.


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