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Labour Market Intelligence


  • Key economic statistics May 2018
  • Working Futures 2014-2024
  • Ystadegau economaidd allweddol | Key economic statistics
  • Stats Wales
  • Careers Wales LMI


Skills Gateway LMI is the place where you will be guided to information of your interest. You can access a wide range of reporting and statistics as well as browse through labour market trends and current issues.


Learn more about Welsh Statistics

Llywodraeth Cymru | Welsh Government

Key economic statistics

A monthly report which covers topics such as employment, indices, exports and earnings.

  • The Labour Force Survey estimates.
  • Employment rate.
  • Unemployment rate.
  • Economic inactivity rate.
  • Claimant count rate.

Data Cymru

putting data and intelligence at the heart of public service delivery.

InfoBaseCymru data for an intelligent Wales

Access to a wide range of data locally and nationally on Wales.

Stats Wales Detailed official data on Wales

Detailed official data on Wales

StatsWales is a free-to-use service that allows you to view, manipulate, create and download tables from Welsh data.

Learn more about Regional Statistics

Welsh Government has produced a set of three Regional Labour Market Intelligence Reports to provide Regional Skills Partnerships (RSPs) with a consistent set of core labour market intelligence (LMI) available on which to base their Regional Employment and Skills Plans.

In addition to aiding the Regional Skills Partnerships, the Regional LMI Reports should form an easily accessible source of regional LMI for all users.

South West and Central Wales Regional Learning & Skills Observatory

South West and Central Wales Regional Learning and Skills Observatory is a central interactive online information system providing local data and intelligence, for learning, skills and the labour market in south west and central Wales.

Arsyllfa Economaidd Gogledd Cymru.North Wales Economic Observatory

North Wales Economic Observatory intelligent data to support and improve current and future businesses within the north Wales regional economy.

Arsyllfa Sgiliau De Ddwyrain Cymru The South East Wales Skills Observatory

The South East Wales Skills Observatory (SEWSO) has been developed by the Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership (LSkIP), which is the regional skills partnership for south east Wales.

Learn more about UK Statistics

official labour market statistics

A service provided by the Office for National Statistics, ONS, to give you free access to the most detailed and up-to-date UK labour market statistics from official sources.


Help paint a picture of the nation and how we live. They provide a detailed snapshot of the population and its characteristics, and underpin funding allocation to provide public services.

The population of England and Wales on Census Day, 27 March 2011, was 56,075,912.

GOV.UK Statistics

UK Official Statistics produced impartially and free from political influence.

Higher Education Careers Services Unit

Leading research into graduate careers

What do graduates do?

Exploring what graduates were doing 6 months after they graduated.

Graduate Market Trends

Contemporary debates in higher education, graduate employment and career learning.

Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards

The Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards represents, promotes and supports the 21 Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) across the UK, and has the unique role of positioning SSC’s effectively in the skills systems across the UK nations. The SSC’s themselves work with over 550,000 employers to define skills needs and skills standards in their industry, and on occasion will produce specific LMI for their sectors.