Priorities of Welsh Government

On Skills and Employability

Welsh Government is committed to supporting people to build skills and confidence to find and stay in work. It will also support employers to find the workforce they require for their businesses to flourish.

Skills and Employability are priority areas for the Welsh Government because it understands that the better people’s skills, the better their chances of getting fair, secure and rewarding employment.

The stronger the skills base in Wales the more chance there is to attract new businesses and grow existing ones to improve overall prosperity.


Employability Plan

The plan aims to tackle unemployment and economic inactivity and identifies four main areas:-

• Providing an individualised approach to employability support.

• Underlying the responsibility of employers to up-skill and support their staff.

• Responding to current and projected skills gaps.

• Preparing for a radical shift in the world of work.

Employability plan

Progress report on the employability plan March to September 2018

Welsh Language Declaration

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