Create greater business success with apprenticeships

BBC Cymru Wales

The creative industries sector in Wales is booming. The people at the BBC understand that creativity is not the only key to their future success. Apprenticeships are too.

Apprenticeships make businesses more productive and more competitive by creating opportunities for young people.

Apprentices have the ambition, talent and commitment to help your business reach new levels of sustainable success.

The development of the new Roath Lock production facility in Cardiff Bay resulted in the creation of the Apprenticeship Programme in drama that has proved a success for the BBC since it was established.

“We needed to develop a way of ensuring we could nurture and develop a local workforce where we had key skills gaps,” said Tom Morrey, Talent Manager at the BBC.

“Our production departments considered several options to meet our requirements and that of our employees but it was an Apprenticeship Programme that ticked all the boxes.

"The outcomes of the scheme have been clear. Apprentices have a way into a highly competitive industry while learning key skills, providing an alternative to going to university.

"The BBC has a creative and dynamic workforce that ensures the output of our programmes reaches the quality we and our audiences expect.”