Engineer a skilled workforce with apprenticeships

GE Aviation Wales

As a global company, GE Aviation Wales has to ensure it has well-equipped, trained and qualified employees.

The Nantgarw-based company invests more than £1mllion a year in its Apprenticeship Programme, overseen by a permanent member of staff.

The company has employed 23 apprentices and currently employs over 150 engineering and business apprentices, interns and graduates.

The company works with Coleg y Cymoedd in offering apprenticeships, which, over the last 20 years, has supported more than 500 apprentices.

“We place a great deal of importance on the development of our training programmes and apprentices are a vital part. They create a dynamic environment, developing our business and maintaining it as a global leader in our field,” said Andy Reid, Apprentice Co-ordinator and Shared Services Leader.

As a result of their investment in the programme and partnership with Coleg y Cymoedd, GE is able to reap the benefits from investing in apprentices who graduate from the programme who have skills tailored to the business and aviation sector.

“We have a structure in place to support our Apprenticeship Programme, and through this, we have been able to develop a future pipeline of talent for the business.

“Through our continued investment in skills and training, we have been able to further boost our operating performance and increase our productivity.”