Ros Smith: Work-Based Learning Tutor of the Year

Changing the lives of her learners is the ethos to which Ros Smith has dedicated herself over 23 years of people training. As lead motor vehicle tutor at ACT Training in Cardiff, Ros is part of the team that shapes and delivers Level 1 and Engagement Motor Vehicle Traineeships at 10 sites across South Wales, primarily in two fully-operational garages.

Although Ros has developed two streams of curriculum for Level 1 and Engagement, Ros will adapt, flex and make changes to ensure each young learner has the best experience.

Over the past two years, Ros has helped transform the Motor Vehicle Traineeship at ACT; 96% of learners progress to further learning or employment where nationally a 90% progression is classed as excellent.

In a predominantly male environment, Ros has become a great role model to young women entering the profession and to young women across the organisation. Ros always goes the extra mile, completing training on perception, transactional analysis, psycho linguistics and emotional intelligence so she can better understand her learners. She has also built relationships with major garages and independents who now take on her learners.