Tata Steel: Macro Employer of the Year

The challenges of recruiting skilled employees in the increasingly competitive global workplace was a key reason Tata Steel developed its existing apprenticeship programme.

More than 6,300 people are employed at the company’s Wales-based operations, with 211 of these being apprentices. Faced with an ageing workforce, the company needs to ensure it is training and developing skilled employees capable of carrying the mantle in the years to come.

Tata Steel has had an apprenticeship programme in place for more than 50 years. Working with Bridgend College, it currently delivers five frameworks in Engineering Manufacture – Craft and Technician, Higher Apprenticeships in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Level 4 and Life Science and Related Science Industries, Apprenticeship for Laboratory and Science Technicians and Foundation Apprenticeship in Metal Processing and Allied Operations.

The company is benefiting from the programme by having a “ready-made pipeline of talent into the organisation”. The apprentices also benefit by being paid and educated while having key milestones for pay increments linked to their development.