Agile Nation 2

The Agile Nation 2 Business Programme will help you attract, retain and develop the talent you need to grow a successful business.  It's a totally bespoke programme, tailor made to dovetail into your over-arching business strategy.  And it's fully funded by the Welsh Government, so the service delivered by the Agile Nation 2 team will be completely free.

Agile Nation 2

The Business Benefits

The programme has been designed to get the very best out of your human resources, improve your organisation's reputation in a competitive market place and support you in becoming an employer of choice.

The unique Culture Survey will enable the team to benchmark where you are now against ten key business areas. This will identify the areas where improvements can be made, helping you to deliver a better service for your customers, through greater staff engagement.

By taking part in the programme, you can expect to:

  • Boost business performance and increase your client base.
  • Improve efficiency in decision making.
  • Reduce costs and risks.
  • Enhance your corporate reputation.
  • Create a more harmonised, engaged, adaptable and productive workforce.

What support will you get?

The programme is designed to deliver excellence for your employees, customers and the wider community by developing and improving your workforce.  You will get help to:

  • Improve your HR strategies so you can recruit more successfully, and retain staff more effectively.
  • Reward and recognise staff achievement, equality and diversity and encourage staff progression within your organisation.
  • Identify and nurture your Talent pipeline and show you how to plan for the future.
  • Equip you with the skills to facilitate and sustain modern working best practise actions to eradicate negative and/or stereotypical thinking and behaviours that could be holding back your organisation, and restricting growth.

Depending on the specific needs of your business, the support you receive could include:

  • Setting up a tailor-made consultancy to identify cost effective and achievable steps to further progress culture change, employee engagement and gender balance in your workplace
  • Accessing a range of workshops such as Recruitment, Unconscious Bias, Implementing Modern Working Practice and Equality & Diversity.
  • Help in conducting employee engagement activities including surveys, training and benchmarking.

Your commitment

Every organisation is different, so the journey you embark on with us will be unique to your business.  The team will undertake the culture survey for you and report the overall findings. With your agreement, the areas you want us to work on will be identified and an Equality and Diversity Strategy will be developed and presented to you.  You will also receive help where possible with any agreed implementation action.

The programme usually offers up to 35 hours worth of consultancy to undertake this work for you.  You may also be able to recognise your achievement with an Employer Award.

Is your business eligible?

Agile Nation 2 has been introduced to help SMEs employing up to 250 people and operating in any of the nine priority sectors identified by the Welsh Government.

The nine priority sectors are:

  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Creative
  • Energy and Environment
  • Financial & Professional
  • Food & Farming
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Tourism

ITS TIME to get the development your business needs

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Programme Checklist EU funds in Wales
Delivery Area All Wales
European Social Fund
Status  Live
Supported by the European Social Fund? Yes
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