Raise skills, transform performance and boost profit with part funded, short, sharp technical courses.

The Materials and Manufacturing Education Training and Learning (METaL) project aims to reduce the skills gaps in the sector by improving the skills of over 360 employees.

Upskilling your staff with these courses will help to build a greater understanding of their work, their role and the science behind the manufacturing process, which in turn will improve operational performance and productivity, enhance problem solving and encourage innovative thinking.

The business benefits

METaL offers technical courses for £200 - £250 in a range of subjects, including introduction to materials engineering, manufacturing technology, computer aided design, corrosion and coatings and practical metallurgy.

These courses will increase your staff's understanding of their work, including what they do, and why they do it. With this enhanced knowledge they will be better equipped to:

  • Improve operational performance - staff will have a greater insight into the technical aspects of the operation. They will recognise the importance of adhering to strict processes and have a better appreciation of the issues caused when someone deviates from pre-set operational parameters.
  • Enhance their problem solving - with a greater knowledge of the science behind the process comes greater power. The power to identify the root cause of technical problems faster, resolve them more quickly and get production back up to speed sooner.
  • Drive through new products and processes - these courses encourage innovative thinking. Staff will be empowered to embrace change and take on board new ideas and new manufacturing processes. This united commitment to continuous development and improvement shared by you, your fellow business leaders and your staff will help drive your business forward in the future.

What support will you get?

These courses will reap dividends above and beyond your initial investment. It's about developing the skills to keep your business ahead. You'll also have the support of Swansea University who will work closely with you to pinpoint specific skills areas causing concern, and develop tailor-made courses to plug those identified skills shortfalls.

Your commitment

You will be required to invest funds in your staff's skills (to the value of £200 - £250 per course), and you will also need to commit their time, and be willing to release them from their work to study. Any form of staff training requires commitment from the business owners and leaders, and the METaL programme is no different.

Is your business eligible?

Anyone who lives or works in the areas of west Wales and the Valleys is eligible to take part in the METaL programme.


Call the Business Wales Helpline on 03000 6 03000 or contact us.

METal is part-funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

Programme Checklist EU funds in Wales
Delivery Area West Wales and Valleys
European Social Fund
Status  Live
Supported by the European Social Fund? Yes
Programme Lead

Welsh Government