Development Bank of Wales


The Development Bank of Wales takes an all-inclusive approach to teams across the business, encouraging a diverse environment. This includes employing people of all ages to facilitate knowledge and skills sharing across teams, with younger colleagues bringing a fresh approach to processes and technology while longstanding colleagues provide knowledge, experience and expertise.

Simon Thelwall-Jones, 51, joined the Development Bank of Wales last year as the new Director of Technology Ventures. He is based in Wrexham and is tasked with growing the Development Bank’s business investment portfolio and seeking out new businesses to support their growth and development.

“I see my career at this stage as knowledge sharing,” says Simon.

“I was taken on not only because of the experience I could bring but because of a desire to build a multigenerational team who could share knowledge and skills.

“I really want colleagues in my team here, particularly the younger ones, to benefit from what I’ve learned so they can develop and, to be candid, hopefully go on to be better than I was.”

While Simon doesn’t see age as a barrier to work, he recognises that people over 50 don’t always realise what they have to offer.

“There are so many people within the workplace, particularly people over the age of 50 who have a wealth of experience dealing with challenges, leading teams or launching initiatives, however they don’t realise how valuable these skills are.

“At the Development Bank we like to share knowledge, experience and skills to help train and develop all of our colleagues. Graduates and younger colleagues can learn from the valuable experience of longstanding colleagues.”