About the Competition


The Enterprise Troopers National Primary School Competition provides primary school pupils across Wales with an opportunity to showcase their enterprising activities whilst developing entrepreneurial skills in children in a fun and interactive way.

It is an excellent way to introduce children to a broader curriculum in line with the Donaldson review, where creativity can be allowed to thrive so schools can produce ambitious and enterprise contributors. 

The Enterprise Troopers are based on the ACRO model of entrepreneurship, the four key characteristics of entrepreneurial behaviour:

  • Attitude: Understanding self and motivation, setting and achieving goals
  • Creativity: Generating ideas, solving problems and creating opportunities
  • Relationships: Expressing views and ideas, appreciating others’ viewpoints and working co-operatively
  • Organisation: Ability to make decisions and fulfill objectives

Amy believes that anybody can do anything if they work hard enough. And she’s right!


Callum is so creative. Some of his ideas are a bit wacky, but they're the best ones!


Rhian loves to talk, she's making new friends to help the Troopers get the support they need!


Owain is so organised, he makes sure everybody is busy and having a great time!

What does the competition involve?

All you have to do is think of a business idea(s), set up a mini-business and create products or services that can be sold/delivered at a profit and engage with your local community. 

The competition is flexible, allowing the incorporation of existing school and community enterprise activities, such as fairs, shows or any other events or similar community-based offerings.  

As it is a digital competition you could explore using digital ways to create a business.  Perhaps an electronic newsletter, magazine or a community website for advertising.

No one's idea is too small - if children want to make and sell cakes, run a penalty shoot-out at a school fair or even develop an app - then we want to hear about them!

You can enter as a group or as a whole class or school.  There is no limit on the number of entries per school or the number of children involved.

Full information on the competition can be found within the links below.

To get involved in this year's competition, click here where you can register your interest and fill out your entry