Lee Pritchard

Location: Cwmcarno Farm, Rhymney

Destination: Scotland

Topic: Paddock grazing systems on hill farms


Lee Pritchard

Lee Pritchard from Rhymney will visit Scotland

Lee Pritchard farms in partnership with Lorraine Howells at Cwmcarno Farm, Rhymney. Primarily a hill farm, there are also areas of lower grazing on higher quality ground.  This partnership was set up thanks to support received through Farming Connect’s Venture scheme.  The farm produces Pedigree Welsh Black cattle, South Wales Mountain ewes and Suffolk cross Welsh sheep. Lee is also a past candidate of the Agri Academy.

Having attended a Farming Connect ‘Lamb finishing and growing lambs from grass’ event at Mountain Ash Golf Club last June, where he was inspired by internationally known expert Michael Blanche, Lee was keen to learn more about his approach.

Michael farms in Perthshire and like Lee, has primarily hill ground with a small amount of lower grazing ground which he has been able to improve through rotational grazing. Through concentrating on changing, improving and growing more grass in a paddock grazing system compared to his previous set stocking system on his farm, Michael has reduced his input costs and increased his stocking rate resulting in improved business profits.

“I will be able to see how these paddock systems have been constructed especially with regards to how they have structured in water access for the livestock.

“I will be able to find out what they have done to increase the amount of grass they produce in order to reduce their input costs such as purchased feed and how they have been able to control the quality and quantity of the grass in order to increase their meat production from grass as well as increasing their stocking rates.”

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