Llyr Jones


Location: Corwen

Destination: Denmark, Holland and Sweden

Topic: Reducing Ammonia levels in free range units


Llyr Jones

Llyr Jones from Corwen will visit Denmark, Holland and Sweden

Llyr Jones is in charge of the running of a farm at Derwydd with 500 Welsh Mules, 900 Welsh Mountain sheep (Nelson type), 160 store cattle and 16,000 free range eggs supplied to Tesco.  He is also part owner of Blodyn Aur which sells 6,000 bottles of rapeseed oil a month to Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. He took part in the Agri Academy Business & Innovation programme in 2013 and has also utilised the Farming Connect mentoring programme.

Llyr is hoping to build a second 16,000 free-range egg unit within the next 24 months and he plans to investigate air quality systems in poultry units, specifically air scrubbers which remove ammonia.

“Due to new regulations on ammonia levels introduced in April 2017 I would like to consider installing air scrubbers which will remove up to 90% of the ammonia produced by the hens.

“Installing an air scrubber on the sheds will enable us to double hen numbers but not at the expense of the environment.”

Llyr will visit Denmark, Holland and Sweden, all countries which have had strict air quality rules for over seven years to see how farmers have adapted in different ways in order to comply.


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